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Washington Post: Dads Are Happier Than Moms

If we follow one another on Twitter, you may have felt me bristling just a little bit last Thursday. There was news about parent happiness – and I wasn’t a fan of the scientists’ suggestion. So I called the lead researcher up, and here’s what I found.

Dads are happier than moms. Science wants to know why, and so do I.

Published on Washington Post, February 6, 2019


Raising a Good Man Starts Now

Boys will be boys? No.

There’s a better way.

Raising a Good Man Starts Now

Published on Medium, September 27, 2018

Motherwell: How to Talk to Our Sons About Guns and Aggression

Published on Motherwell, February 22, 2018

Your Teen: Speak Up, Kid

Part of growing towards independence is finding your voice – here’s how to help kids advocate for themselves.

Helping Our Kids Learn to Speak for Themselves

Published in Your Teen Magazine

Your Teen Magazine: Don’t Expect the Worst from Teens, or You Just Might Get It

You know those stereotypes about how rotten teens are? ┬áSkip them. Here’s why:

Don’t Expect the Worst from Teens, or Your Just Might Get It

Published in Your Teen Magazine, July-August 2017

Washington Post: ‘Make Your Kid A Money Genius’ Author Explains How and Why to Talk to Your Kid About Money. Now.

I had the pleasure of interviewing bestselling financial author Beth Kobliner about her latest book. Great info, especially for the money-intimidated.

‘Make Your Kid A Money Genius’ Author Explains How and Why to Talk to Your Kid About Money. Now.

Published in The Washington Post, March 28, 2017

Cleveland Magazine: The Diversity Dilemma

Diversity and integration in our schools might not always be easy, but they are essential to repairing our continued racial divide.

The Diversity Dilemma https://clevelandmagazine.com/in-the-cle/commentary/articles/the-diversity-dilemma

Published in Cleveland Magazine, April 2017