Life is bumpy and people aren’t flawless, and I love things that reflect that imperfect kind of beauty. I love little girls in mismatched, I-dressed-myself outfits instead of ironed ensembles with bows to match. I’m leery of carrots that are all the same shape and size, and I like the funny twisty ones with dirt on them that I get from the local farms.   Give me an old, creaky, charming house with history over a brand-new subdivision clone, even if it means small closets and no air conditioning. I root for the underdog, and I like a down-to-earth forthrightness way more than a polished overpoliteness. And, most especially, I like people who laugh a lot, even at themselves.


Yes, but what about the boring stuff?  There’s always that too.  I grew up in a large family in suburban New Jersey and stayed on the east coast for college and grad school.  Then, surprise!  I met my Cleveland-born husband at law school at the University of Virginia, and here we are in Cleveland many years later, and loving it.  Ask me sometime, and I’ll tell you all the things I love about Cleveland -about its neighborhoods and culture and people.  For now, I’ll just say it’s a city with texture – multi-layered, and never boring and bland.  Blech, I hate a boring city.

Back to the writing.  After graduating law school and practicing law (and disliking it) for years, I began a new career as a writer.  I love it.  You know why? It’s about people, and people are just about the most interesting thing in this world. And words.  I like those too. I write about family – because I’m in the thick of it with three young kids, and I can’t help it – and I write about culture, life, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  I’ve been honored to be published in some terrific publications, and I’m always looking for my next project.  I hope I’ll see you along the way.

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One response to “About

  1. Millie Falconer

    love your piece about girls and hope many parents read it. Had my great granddaughter in my care for 4 years and I must say she put outfits on just as your daughters have done, just great!!!!

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