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Medium: 18 Things Your Editor Wants You to Know

As a new writer, I made a lot of mistakes, and I was so grateful to anyone who shared their bits of wisdom and experience with me. Now, as an editor, I jot down my own scraps of advice, too. For over a year, I kept a Word document on my computer and would pop over to make a note whenever I had something to say. Here’s what I collected.

18 Things Your Editor Wants You to Know

Hello Readers!

Hi Readers, it’s Sharon here.  Thanks so much for subscribing to my website and following along with my writing.  What’s writing if it’s not read?  Not much more than a diary, I suppose. So I’m very grateful for you, readers!

But it’s quiet here on this website, because I don’t usually get to hear from YOU. I’ve decided to start a professional Facebook page where you can be part of the community and share your thoughts too.  I’ll be sharing my writing, tidbits and thoughts, and fun and interesting writing from others about family, culture, and modern life.

To join us, go to Sharon Holbrook, Writer and click “like.”

I’ll still be posting most of my writing here as usual, but the chatter and extras will be on the Facebook page.  Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

I’m Not Going To Win Powerball. I’m Playing Anyway.

I get the ridiculous odds.  Here’s why I’m in anyway.

I’m Not Going To Win Powerball.  I’m Playing Anyway.

Published on Medium, January 13, 2016.

This Halloween, Say Yes

I’m so tired of the complaints about trick-or-treaters who don’t follow the “rules.”

This Halloween, Say Yes

Published on Medium on October 26, 2015

I Ditched the Homemade Advent Calendar


Every one of my childhood years, my Aunt Pat sent us a paper Advent calendar, the kind where you open a little door for each day of December. This was a huge thrill for the five of us kids, even though we had to wait five days for our turn to open a tiny picture of a sprig of holly or candy cane. Maybe it was partly because we had to wait.

After Christmas, when the calendar was spent, I’d even Continue reading

Weekend, Unplugged


I was the one driving as we approached the Canadian border. “Scott,” I sheepishly asked my husband, “can you just look at my phone and see if I have any new emails?”

We were about to go unplugged for the weekend. Not for any noble life-cleansing reasons, but simply because Continue reading

The Season of Normal


I hesitate to say it’s been a rough summer. Everybody is healthy, we had some great adventures and, as I can’t help but be daily reminded by Facebook gratitude challenges, we have so much to be thankful for.   But in our house everybody just seems a bit more settled when school time rolls around.

This family needs its normalcy. Two summers ago Continue reading

Thoughts: The Last Days at the Baby Pool


School isn’t quite done yet, but the temperature topped out over 80 on this sunny June afternoon, and with this past winter still too fresh in our memory, eighty degrees is enough to prompt us to gather everything up and make our first trip of the summer to our town’s pool.   It’s that odd little transition time when we have both backpacks and sunscreen in the car, and popsicles might be a totally legit after-school snack. My children are thrilled with the novelty of hitting the pool straight from school, of course, and off we go.

Now, this wet-blanket mom must admit Continue reading

Thoughts: The Summer Bridge


It’s now June, and that means summer break is upon us. My older two are winding up their kindergarten and second grade years, and my preschooler is already home with me.

By home, of course, I mean madly running Continue reading