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Brain, Child Magazine: The End of Toys

“He is only 10, I think. I am almost 11, he thinks. I try to hold him in this middle zone, and he strains against me.”

The End of Toys

Published on Brain, Child Magazine on June 14, 2016

Brain, Child: The Mommy War Inside Me

On the ever-shifting line between self and “mother.”

The Mommy War Inside Me

Published on Brain, Child Magazine on March 29, 2016

Brain, Child Magazine: All Mom And No Fun

“I take parenting seriously, and I’m afraid that’s both my triumph and my failure.”

All Mom And No Fun

Published in Brain, Child Magazine, January 25, 2016

Brain, Child Magazine: “Mommy, Will I Be OK?”

The sensitive child experiences the world differently.  What does that mean for parenting?

“Mommy, Will I Be OK?”

Published in Brain, Child Magazine on November 19, 2015

Brain, Child Magazine: The Things We Keep

A bit of harmless decluttering hurled me into the past.  I’m so glad it did.

The Things We Keep

Published on Brain, Child on October 1, 2015


Brain, Child Magazine: Should Young Girls Be Allowed To Wear Bikinis?

In a friendly debate format, I argue the “no” side.

Should Young Girls Be Allowed To Wear Bikinis?

Published in Brain, Child on July 8, 2015.