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Washington Post: Dads Are Happier Than Moms

If we follow one another on Twitter, you may have felt me bristling just a little bit last Thursday. There was news about parent happiness – and I wasn’t a fan of the scientists’ suggestion. So I called the lead researcher up, and here’s what I found.

Dads are happier than moms. Science wants to know why, and so do I.

Published on Washington Post, February 6, 2019

4 thoughts on “Washington Post: Dads Are Happier Than Moms”

  1. The answer is easy. Dad’s are happier because women are never satisfied. Exhibit A is the never ending demands and complaining of the current feminists. Truly, women just never seen to be satisfied.

  2. I read your perspective in the Washington Post and thought I would share some personal context. Knowing I am possibly an outlier I worked to not take offense at the grandparent effect reference 🙂 I our household we work to allot the load of our three boys (7, 12, 15). My wife owns the day to day scheduling and homework check-in, I handle big school projects. She mostly owns school lunch prep and I handle dinner most nights and all the laundry. From my personal experience (at home and other families) I think you hit on a cause but not directly. I think independent of parental work load balance mom’s have a different state of mind. They are often worried about what is not getting done or how it could be better – e.g. if a child is struggling with money math will playing monopoly a mom worries about this being a sign of math struggles – dads seem more able to be in the moment. I worry this internal pressure to always do better wears on moms everywhere. I am reminded of themes covered in “her best kept secret” by Gabrielle Glaser

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