5 thoughts on “Washington Post: Homework Is My Kid’s Job, Not Mine”

  1. When I taught first grade I required that math and spelling homework be signed by a parent. I expected it to be correct. My assumption was that the parent would help the child on a math concept that they might not fully understand. Also they would hopefully insist on neatness. Old-fashioned??

    1. No, I think it’s actually new-fashioned, Mom. You didn’t ever check my homework. You didn’t even know what I had assigned. You certainly didn’t check five children’s homework for neatness and correctness, nor should you have had to. Compared to that, I’m super involved because I look over shoulders! 🙂

  2. I’m reading this and all I can think about is how can this person call themselves a parent? Unbelievable the attitude of this Mom towards education.

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