7 thoughts on “Washington Post: My Kids Have Too Much Stuff”

  1. My dad was almost embarrassed to admit that he slept with his new shoes as a child. We need more appreciation. Period.

  2. I completely agree with you Sharon about too many toys and stuff. I wrote to McDonalds sometime back as to why they have to give a toy with every happy meal, long term its not good for anybody. Too much plastic in the ocean already isn’t it?

  3. This spoke to my very soul! Truly, deeply, madly. Sometimes I want to move my kids to the mountains of, well, anywhere, so we don’t have to bring home more stickers and party favors and plastic CRAP!

  4. Sharon-
    Great article, I have gone on verbal rants on the same subject that are almost verbatim. However, I have never come up with a solution. My wife and I have cut back on all of the gift giving – one present from both of us on a birthday, one present on Christmas. As you mention in your article, most of the problem is coming from the outside – dentist office, grandparents, baysitters, etc. Do you have any thoughts on how we actually curb this trend?

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