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Cleveland Magazine: The Diversity Dilemma

Diversity and integration in our schools might not always be easy, but they are essential to repairing our continued racial divide. The Diversity Dilemma Published in Cleveland Magazine, April 2017

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Brightly: 15 Years Later – Books To Help You Talk To Your Kids About 9/11

My apologies, readers, for failing to post this when it was published - before September 11, of course. Unfortunately, though, terrorism is still with us, and the moment to talk is not lost. 15 Years Later - Books To Help You Talk To Your Kids About 9/11 Published on Brightly, August 30, 2016

Sharon's Published Work

New Book! So Glad They Told Me

Which is harder?  The everyday rush of school lunches, the laundry on the floor, the arguments between kids, and the complaining about chores?  Or is it the call from the school nurse, the feverish child, or the crisis of a bee sting or a bloody knee? That's what I write about in my essay in… Continue reading New Book! So Glad They Told Me

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Motherwell: Why You Shouldn’t De-Friend That Trump Supporter

When we say, "I can't begin to understand x," isn't it at least worth trying? A reflection on parenting, politics, and differences. I'm so honored to be part of the launch of the smart new Motherwell Magazine, debuting today! Why You Shouldn't De-Friend That Trump Supporter Published in Motherwell Magazine, May 23, 2016