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The Latest: My New Article + Bonus | Can I Help? ❤️| Tidbits

Hey there,

Around here winter has reached that stage I’m calling the Great Softening. Finally, finally, finally, the temperature is getting above freezing every day and the drip of water and shrinking snow promises that spring is slowly creeping in. Once again, spring will win. This, plus good news about COVID numbers, means I’m feeling extra hopeful these days. How are you? I always like to hear.

I have so much to share today! You may have seen my new article in the New York TimesEmptying the Dishwasher Can Enrich Kids’ Mental Health. Reporting this was fascinating; there’s so much expertise showing that asking more of kids doesn’t mean cracking down on them, but instead building them up. I love sharing this good news.

A little behind the scenes: It took SO LONG to get this article from my original pitch (early November) to publication (February). There was editing, additional reporting, a very busy editor, and fact-checking (NYT is so thorough and professional!). But that means I also had time to create a little bonus for you: a super-practical extra sharing 8 Ways to Nurture Kids’ Independence, even now during the pandemic.

The Latest: Can I Help?

I’m starting a brand-new feature and I’m sharing it with you, my very favorite people, first! You can ask for advice on your dilemmas in raising capable kids, and I’ll try to find you the answers using the best expertise out there. It’s not that I personally have all the answers (just ask my three kids) but I do know how to find those answers, so I’m hoping we can all learn from this project together.

My promise: It’ll always be encouraging (never scolding). You can see more details here and share your dilemma (anonymously, if you like) here: Ask Sharon Holbrook: Raising Capable Kids.

I hope you’ll reach out! ❤️

The Latest: Tidbits

I feel like I’ve shared so much today, and I’m not quite done yet. (We’re almost there, I promise!) I have two more things I want to share that you might find valuable:

  • If you have kids that are approaching college age (say, 8th grade and up), I highly recommend signing up for Destination→College, an 8-part series on the run-up to college admissions. You can watch as few or many sessions as you want. It’s just $49 for all 8 weeks and it’s being presented by my employer, Your Teen, which is why I’m feeling confident it’ll be so good. My oldest is just a 9th-grader, so I have no idea what the process involves these days, and I’m looking forward to getting the lay of the land.
  • It must be conference season, because I’m also working on planning the upcoming Parenting Journalists Conference. This isn’t for everyone, but if you are or want to be a parenting writer, this will be a fantastic resource. I’ll be there – maybe I’ll see you.

Whew! Was that enough information and announcements? I hope it was helpful. As always, I’d love to hear from you – your feedback, your questions, what you’re making for dinner. (Kidding not kidding? We always need ideas around here!)



p.s. A little silliness – my editor actually let me sneak the phrase “zeitgeisty sourdough” into the Sunday Times. Ha!

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