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Medium: 18 Things Your Editor Wants You to Know

As a new writer, I made a lot of mistakes, and I was so grateful to anyone who shared their bits of wisdom and experience with me. Now, as an editor, I jot down my own scraps of advice, too. For over a year, I kept a Word document on my computer and would pop over to make a note whenever I had something to say. Here’s what I collected.

18 Things Your Editor Wants You to Know

Washington Post: 10 Moms Define Motherhood

I’m thrilled to be selected as one of the 10 moms gamely attempting to define motherhood in the Washington Post today:

“She is a mother. She is vulnerable (just hurt her child, and you’ll see) and she is strong (just hurt her child, and you’ll see). She has been elevated (she is Mom) and she has been demeaned (she is just a mom). She is full (loving a child so completely will do that to you) and she is empty (loving a child so completely will do that to you). Who says she can’t have it all? She has everything.”

Defining Motherhood

Published in the Washington Post, May 9, 2019

Your Teen: Life Skills for Teenagers

I’m a huge believer in raising kids to be confident and capable, and that means taking every opportunity to share new skills with them. This one’s a little one – and maybe an old-fashioned one – but I’m not ready to let it go.

Life Skills for Teenagers: How Do I Mail a Letter?

Published in Your Teen, May/June 2019